Em-Sign 3

Em-Sign 3

The EM-SIGN 3 is a high-quality emergency exit sign range that offers a bright 28m viewing distance. Its even illumination across the legend panel ensures maximum visibility in the event of an emergency.

EM-SIGN 3 features a unique method of fitting the legend panel screens onto the double-sided, acrylic blades. Available in suspended, surface and recessed-mounted options.

Emergency:  Maintained/non-maintained | DALI self-test

Emergency Duration:  3 hour

Viewing Distance:  28m

Power:  4.4W

Installation:  Recessed | Surface | Suspended

Legend Panels:  Arrow up | Arrow down| Arrow left | Arrow right

Material:  Extruded aluminium module and acrylic panel

Degree of Protection:  IP20

Warranty:  5 Years