Puck Lens

Puck Lens

PUCK LENS is an integrated LED light with a circular beam available in a range of angles. It features a  small and discreet design and an exceptionally smooth roll-off that is perfect for highlighting architectural features.

Power:  1.4W

Beam:  23° Narrow | 42° Medium | 80° Wide

Face:  Flat

Colour Temperature:  3000K | 4000K

Efficacy:  Up to 176lm

Degree of Protection:  IP64

Aperture:  Ø15 mm

Dimensions:  Flat Face Ø16 mm x 15 mm

Controls:  1-10V | DALI | Casambi

Material:  316 Stainless Steel Module/Coolsplice Connectors

Installation:  Recessed

Warranty:  5 Years