SYRIUS is a contemporary and high-performing streetlight that is the first to utilise WaveMax® Technology, transforming the way our urban areas are illuminated. It features indirect LED lighting with 2700K and efficacy up to 130lm/W, enhanced visual comfort with reduced glare and high colour contrast leading to improved overall illumination whilst using less energy. The SYRIUS provides warm, inviting dark sky friendly lighting that makes good economic sense.

Efficacy:  Up to 130 lm/W

Colour Temperature:  2700K | 3000K | 4000K

Power:  40W

CRI:  70 | 80

Controls:  Fixed Output | 1-10V | DALI

Finish:  Black/Black | White/White  |Silver/Silver | Black/Silver

Installation:  Ø60 mm | Ø76 mm – horizontal/vertical supports

Material:  LiteStrong luminaire module/die-cast aluminium tenon

Insulation:  Class 1 | Class 2

Dimensions:  675 mm x  280 mm x 288 mm

Warranty:  5 Years

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