Em-Sign 1

Em-Sign 1

The EM-SIGN 1 is a high-quality emergency exit sign that is ideal for contemporary architectural environments and integration into existing installations. It offers bright and even illumination across the legend panel ensuring maximum visibility in the event of an emergency. The poxy-coated steel enclosure is wall or surface mounted and provides a viewing distance of 36 metres.

Emergency:  Maintained/non-maintained | DALI self-test

Emergency Duration:  3 hour

Viewing Distance:  36m

Power:  3W

Installation:  Wall/surface

Legend Panels:  Arrow up | Arrow down| Arrow left | Arrow right

Material: Epoxy-coated steel body, polycarbonate legend panels

Dimensions:  L 385mm x W 185mm x H 71mm

Degree of Protection:  IP20

Warranty:  5 Years