Custom Curves

Custom Curves

Our CUSTOM CURVE system allows you to easily build irregular lighting fixtures of almost any shape from drawing just a sketch. The lighting fixtures can take the form of circles, “soft” arcs transforming into the shape of a luminous line or plane.

The CUSTOM CURVE does not only enable creating “soft” forms but also connects the fixtures into strings and multiplying shapes. This allows you to create effective polygonal shapes with perfect light compositions. For architects, the main attraction of our system is undoubtedly not being limited to just specific and standard lighting fixtures, allowing complete unique lighting installations.

  • Design your own custom curved system from just a sketch
  • Each unique design helps to navigate light through architectural spaces and contemporary workplaces
  • 2700K | 3000K | 4000K | TW
  • High lumen efficacy
  • Frosted low-glare optic diffuser panel
  • Direct light distribution
  • Suspended application
  • Single aluminium profile panel height 70 mm
  • Anodised or painted profile finish
  • Compact integral driver, DALI dimming and Casambi controls available
  • Plug-and-play wiring for quick installation

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